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Edward Devlin / NASDAQ-NYSE-AMEX Model
Name: Collectible Cars of the Future
Description: Money-making cars in the future
Author: Greg Devlin
Industry Analysis  
1. Importance Important   Collectible modern day cars set the high bar for investment appreciation.
2. Wisdom Important   Owning a modern day collectible car will not lose value in the long run.
3. Knowledge Important   Buy collectible cars for long term investments that may exceed the average returns on the SP500 index.
4. Current Assessment Good   Despite current difficult economic times, modern day collectible cars continue to appreciate in value.
5. Future Assessment Awesome   Investing in rare, modern cars is a solid long term investment.
Future Assessment Probabilities, Reasons and Explanations
   Possible Outcome Probability Value Reasons and Explanations
1. Awesome   90% > 13%
2. Good   10% > 8%
3. Fair   0% > 4%
4. Bad   0% > 0%
5. Terrible   0% < 0%
Key Performance Indicators
Linked Entities

Security Importance   Current Assessment   Future Assessment  
1. Dodge Viper   Important   Good   Awesome
2. Corvette ZR1   Important   Good   Awesome
3. Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren   Important   Awesome   Awesome
4. Ford GT   Important   Good   Awesome
5. Porsche Carrera GT   Important   Good   Awesome
6. Lamborghini Reventón   Important   Awesome   Awesome
7. Bugatti Veyron   Important   Awesome   Awesome
8. Ferrari Enzo   Important   Awesome   Awesome
9. Ferrari F40   Important   Awesome   Awesome
10. McLaren F1   Important   Awesome   Awesome
Associated Information
McLaren F1 with doors open
Hyperlinks to relevant information
Collectible Cars of the Future - CNBC - 27 December 2010

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